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  • This Task has been designed for use by all roles. For all roles

Personalize your favorites list in MizzouOne to quickly find and access the MU services you need. Keep track of your most-used tasks, bookmark links outside of MizzouOne, and create your own collection of preferred services and sites.

To add a task to your favorites, just click on the heart icon. Favorited tasks will show up on your MizzouOne homepage every time you log in.

To add a bookmark, click on the gear icon in the My Favorites section, and select “New Bookmark” from the top of your page. Enter a title for the bookmark, along with the URL of the site, and select “Test” to make sure it works. If everything looks good, select “add”.

You can reorder your favorites and/or bookmarks by clicking the gear icon next to “My Favorite Links” – then, just drag and drop the tiles into your desired order. And make sure to click Save to update your changes! 


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